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Having a tough time navigating life as a RECENT COLLGE GRADUATE in this economy? Check Out the Doll2Moguls teams failure proof guide on how to make as a college graduate in this tough economy.

  1. Entrepreneurship- In this economy it is important to realize that your biggest key to success will be yourself. Find a niche, something, that you’re good at, and related to your field of interest, and begin a start-up. Your dedication and initiative will quickly make you more marketable than your associates who are just waiting to get hired. You never know…if work hard enough you may be the person hiring someone! (Dream BIG)
  2. Community Service- Volunteering is a HUGEB key to landing the job you want.  With the economy down everyone is looking for people to volunteer their time and services for free, especially if it’s surrounding a cause. This may not earn you any money right away, but it will definitely get you some recognition in the community. This is great, because when the company is finally hiring, guess who they are going to look at? You!  This will also allow you to meet people from various different avenues with various connections. You could meet your next boss.
  3. Take a Refresher Course- Don’t let your skills dry up. Stay fresh and current in your field by taking refresher courses. This will guarantee that your skills are up to date, and when it comes time to interview you are just as knowledgeable as those who have been working in the field during your down time. This is important because no matter what field you are in the information, and progress changes almost daily.
  4. Take It Easy On Yourself- According to human grown and development knowledge most college graduates (21-25) are still developing an understanding of who they are and what they want to do in life. This is a very difficult time to manage, let alone navigating your career and what you are going to do.  Realize that this is a time to learn, and develop. Your understanding of life will get easier, and more clarity will come.
  5. Monkey See/Money Do: Stop comparing yourself to someone else.   Everyone has a different path they must take to success, and the only way you are guaranteed to miss it, is by following some .else’s path.  Some of your friends might have graduated with an offer from a Fortune 500 company, while other may be married. Don’t beat yourself up! Define your own path, and outline a plan to get there.
  6. Consider Going Back To School– When the economy is down enrollment numbers are up. Furthering your education is known to increase your chances of getting a job; however considering the loans and interest some may advise against it. You may not want to go back this year (2012), but consider applying, and then deferring a year. This will present you with options, and allow you to grow even in the middle of this economic down turn.
  7. Get a Partner- Find a friend that will hold you accountable for applying to jobs, taking refresher courses, and implementing your vision. Statistically speaking, having an accountability partner makes you 85% more likely to follow through on what you have agreed upon.
  8. Keep your options open- The job market is changing daily. Don’t limit yourself to one field. Take a poll of your 5 greatest skills, and look for jobs in all of those areas. It may not land you where you want to be immediately but the bright side is, it will help you develop an understanding of what fields you are good in and what fields you aren’t.
  9. Be Flexible- Things can change at the drop of a dime. Exespceially in this economy. Don’t be so caught up in one idea that you miss out on other opportunities that could lead to the same goal.
  10. Use Social Media- Follow job placement companies on social media. One of my favorites @WeHireUSA.
  11.  Believe In Yourself- The key to making it out of this slump is believing in yourself. No matter what happens you’ve got to believe in yourself.  Your lack of belief is the only way you’ll fail. Make sure your keep a good team of cheerleaders around you. You can do it!

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THE COLLEGE LIFE: 9 Keys to “Making It”


Every girl wants to MAKE IT in college. Check out our failure proof success tips on MAKING IT in College::: FOR THE ASPIRING  COLLEGE MOGUL…


You probably already have an idea of what you want your college experience to look like. Now it’s time to put it on paper. Research shows that the best way to actually manifest a vision or dream in your life is through meditation. Scientists say that the more we look at a picture or visualize a goal, the more likely we are to manifest the vision in our lives.  Your vision board should be an adequate representation of the life you want to live for the next four years. You can put everything on your vision board from: your grades, to material possessions, to academic awards, to the sorority or fraternity that you want to pledge (or maybe not that last one)!

Grab a glue stick, a pair of scissors the newest Cosmopolitan, and get to work!  “Vision Boarding” as we so affectionately call it sounds like a lot of fun, and it is. This ultra chic and age-old business technique will allow you to see yourself in your dreams, and help you remember why you are at College!

Our editors suggest that you do this with a group of friends, or as a dorm activity.  Once completed your vision board will be a nice addition to your room décor. OH!! !  Remember they aren’t any limits to the vision board, all that is required is a big imagination, and that you be true to yourself.

  1. What you’ll need for a vision board:
    1. Your goals
    2. Some magazines
    3. A glue stick
    4. Scissors
    5. Poster Board
    6. Your Vision Board Can Include
      1. Cars  (Of course your dream car!!)
      2. Grades  (Your highest)
      3. Mock Acceptance Letters to Grad School
      4. A picture of your Campus University Queen Crown
      5. Mahogany in Motion
      6. And Much More!


Knowing yourself in College is the number one key to your academic success. You have to know what works best for you and what doesn’t. Knowing yourself will allow you to map out the perfect plan for Mogul domination.  For example, if you know that you listen better in the morning- take morning classes and leave the afternoon for study time. If you know you work better during long stretches of time, then perhaps it’s good to leave a long period between classes so that you can get some work done. If you know that you get bored easily and it’s hard for you to stay focused during long periods of time, then you probably should schedule your classes for M, W, F and not Tues-Th. Tuesday and Thursday classes tend to be longer. When you’re willing to be honest with yourself about what works and what doesn’t you set yourself up for success!


Being honest with yourself will allow you to set yourself up for achievement. Don’t follow your friends, but be honest about what will work best for you during your experience. Be sure to choose the clubs, friends, and activities that work best for YOU!


“If you fail to plan you plan to fail.” Anyone who is successful in life schedules his or her success.  So, schedule your time- and we don’t just mean classes. Schedule your: down time, T.V. time, social time, student government activities, and extracurricular activities.Your schedule will also teach you to be balanced. If you are studying the same course for 8-hours everyday…that’s a problem. Your missing out on life, and the college experience (This is called obsessing). Better yet…The Real World isn’t like that. Scheduling your time will allow you to lead a more balanced life. This structure will inevitably translate over into business and allow you to be a more productive businesswoman, lawyer, practitioner, or whatever your hearts desire.


Moguls breed Moguls and Success breads Success. It may be uncomfortable but it pays off in the end. When you get connected to successful people you not only build relationships with people that are already successful in your area, but you get to see first hand their tricks, tools, and insight on how to become successful. By being connected you put yourself ahead of the game! Your Mogul mentor and friend can give you some very important insight. Whatever you do, make sure you surround yourself with people that are successful and can breath insight into your life.

 6. NEVER BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP- College isn’t easy! Anyone that is successful has had to ask for help before- even us. We all need coaches and teachers.  When you ask for help you build relationships, and you increase your chances of success. Teachers are also known to be kind in their grading if they know a student is putting forth the effort to go the extra mile and ask for help.


The true key to success is finding a balance somewhere between your academics and social life.  We don’t want you to miss out on college because you are studying your life away. Plenty of people have found a balance and you can too. That’s true success. Get out there and get active in organizations that mean something to you. Do some community service, and if you are daring enough begin to build your own business with your friends on your college campus and watch the transformation happen from Doll2Mogul.

 8. BEGIN BUILDING YOUR BRAND – THERES NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT –Some of the youngest millionaire moguls began building their business while in College. You have such a large network and so many opportunities right underneath your feet. An additional plus is you have other young people trying to make it that will be willing to help you for little to nothing just to get their name out there!


Community service is EVERYTHIGN IN COLLEGE (well almost). Whether you are vying for a chance to be in a sorority or University King or Queen people want to know what you have done to serve your community. So get active now.  Allowing yourself to serve will open up the door for you to connect with different people and build relationships. Most importantly, community service will expose you to many different people and views that will assist you in becoming a well-rounded woman- talk about Mogul domination.

Lastly, these are just guidelines. Be open to change, and enjoy every moment. It really goes fast.


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A Letter From Our CEO

Hi Dolls, Moguls & Mentors,

Thank you so much for being loyal to the Dolls2Moguls lifestyle blog. It’s been a long time since we’ve connected and I want to say thank you for keeping me updated on your progress of moving from Doll 2 Mogul. I am so proud of you all! Never let the work stop. This gap in time has been filled with a lot of amazing opportunities and surprises that I can’t wait to share. but in the meantime… As we gear up for another school year I wanted to keep you updated on some amazing opportunities…

1. IM CONING OUT WITH MY NEW T-SHIRT LINE FOR RICH GIRLS- pretty soon I will be launching my own t-shirt line for rich girls and i’m looking for partners and sponsors. Don’t get hooked on the tag line. You’ll love the movement behind it. Stay tuned 🙂
2. I AM GOING BACK TO SCHOOL- In September I will be attending The University of Maryland School of Social Work to get my masters. I am so EXCITED! This is going to be such a blessing to the brand.
3. WORK IS GREAT- I’ve officially been working in ministry with my parents for a little over and year and boy has it been amazing. Trying at times but AMAZING! I thought I’d share this because I am so in awe of the growth I have witnessed in my life in as little as over a year. We’ve been knowing each other for about the same time frame and i’d figure we’ do a check-up. How are things going in your life? What has changed? What progress have you made? What still has yet to be done. Are you happy with wear you are?
4 I PRAYED ABOUT IT. Over the past few months I have been asking God what I should be doing with the brand and he has finally given me the answers. Sometimes it takes a period of silence and rest for us to truly hear and obey the voice of God, have you done this. I hope you will join me in doing this, I can’t wait for the relaunch and to keep you posted on all of the AMAZING opportunities we have coming up this year. We can’t go wrong 🙂 .

In regards to #3 I hope you’ve seen a change. Thanks so much for being patient with me. I’m looking forward to growing even more over the next year. While I haven’t figured it out completely, I’ve learned some good things along the journey from Doll2Mogul, I hope you’ll share the blog with your friends and stay connected with us throughout the years. We’ve got some exciting new things happening this year. More details to come soon.




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1. We are a 24-Hour Full Servive Mentoring Program– Reliable, Confident, and Consistent our Mentors are always there to support  your teen girl! Showing a girl that you care is more about presence then presents, and our mentors get that! From school visits, to conflict resolutions, to movie dates, to school plays, athletic events, and more we are always there to support your girl!

2. It’s a sisterhood – Real, Raw, and Uncut the girls keep it real with each-other. With a diverse group of girls that come to the weekly session, they never hesitate to share their experience or tell each other the truth! They want to see their sisters succeed. Your teen will develop relationship with other young women that push and encourage her to be better! Our girls are the next generation of leaders, and they are committed to pushing their sister to reaching their full potential.

3. We Meet weekly-There is no time for error. Rather than meeting bi-weekly our girls are mandated to come to a weekly class that deals with a number of real life issues. The girls also journal weekly to keep track of their progress, thoughts, and growth.

4. We are Diverse-There truly is a place for every girl and woman at The Dolls2Moguls Mentoring Program. Our Roll boasts of: First Lady’s, Business Owners, Social Workers, Government Employees, Vice-Principles, Actors, Actress’ and More! Whatever your girl wants to be there is someone here to mentor her.

 4a. We Produce Results- Parents of teen girls have seen remarkable turn-arounds in the lives of their girls. From better grades, to clearer communication,better decision making, and more our moms are well pleased with the results of our program!

5. A Little Sweet & A Little Healthy- Every girl gets a healthy snack! At every session every girl is provided with a mix of healthy and sweet snacks. Don’t worry about stopping by McDonald’s before you drop her off, she’ll have a plethora of healthy and delicious snacks to greet her when she comes in the door.

6.Proven Pyschotherapy/Theratrical Theraputic Exercises Used– Every exercise is supplemented with a theatrical technique known to: help girls get in touch with their feelings, tap into supressed emotions, and acquire a clearer view on their stance and experiences.

7. No Topic Is Off Limits- From Self-Esteem, to Bullying, to Etiquette, to Grooming, Fashion, and Business your girl is thoroughly trained on it all! As we grow so will your girl!

8. Mom’s On Call- When occasion calls for it there are mothers on call to mentor the mother’s through this difficult process of raising a teen.

9.We know What We Are Working With- Your girl is one of the most valuable assets in your life. Therefore, we are open to making sure that the program is meeting your needs and your girls too! If we aren’t hitting on a topic that you think we need to, we make every effort to make sure that we incoorperate it.

10. We are Highly Sought After- Our mentors, teachers, and facilitators have been summoned to teach at other major mentoring programs and organization  around the Nation including but not limited to: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., The African Methodist Episcopal Church, Samuel Coleridge Taylor Lower School, and more! What we are teaching is relevant, applicable, and life changing!



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Healing the Father wound has always been a major passion of mine. This week, I took my first step towards addressing this social issue, while leading a session at The Dolls2Moguls Mentoring Program. I hope you take the time to hear my heart….

Fortunately, throughout my adolescence, God kept me from experiencing many of the horrors my friends did like: unplanned pregnancy, drugs, prostitution, self-torture, and what I deemed an abnormal amount of rage. It wasn’t long after hearing my dad say “Girl, do you know how lucky you are to have your father in your life?” It was then that I began to realize a common denominator among my friends who seemed to be living out their own version of Glitter Girls. All of my friends were lacking a relationship with their father. Some of my friends were completely estranged from their fathers, while others were grappling with the foggy memory of the final day their father walked out of their life. I didn’t understand it… that was until I had my own experience.

Healing from a once strained relationship with my own father, I hit a point in my life where I too was searching for what I felt was missing. This is when the light bulb went off. My friends weren’t acting out or angry because they didn’t know any better; however they were searching for something they needed dearly- the love and affirmation of a father. Unfortunately, we are all still dealing with our Father wounds today. I made this note as I surveyed the room last night and noticed the tears streaming down the face of the mentors as they recalled their own experiences with their fathers. My tenure in ministry, combined with my heart for women has lead me to the realization that whether or not a woman’s father has been present there is a pain, and wound very deep, that can only come from a relationship (or lack thereof) with a father. As I have matured I recognize that there are father wounds that develop from all types of experiences:

  1. My Father Was Never There
  2. The Father that was “There” but Never Present
  3. The Father that abused my mother
  4.  The Father that molested me
  5. The Father that abused me physically
  6. The Father that was verbally and emotionally abusive
  7. The Angry Father abused me physically
  8. The Father with another Family
  9.  The Father The Myth

I SAID ALL OF THIS TO SAY…This week, I hope you will join me in conversation as we create a healing ground for men and women to address their issues, explore their rage, and begin their healing process. I have a team of wonderful women that will help me lead this conversation, pray with you, supply you with resources, provide artistic forms of expression and recordings for your healing, as well as help you begin this journey of healing. Do you know a girl that is struggling as well? Please connect her with this site or forward her this link. Men are welcome as well. Just in case you are uncomfortable replying publicly, you can send your responses to All information and names will remain confidential.

Love Always Wins ———



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My baby nephew had been showing signs of walking for a couple of months.  Now 11 months old, he’s been teasing us since month 9 or so.  The last night that I was at home with my family for the holidays, he took some major steps multiple times, but was still crawling for the most part.
As we all watched (Grandma, Grandpa, Mommy, Daddy and Auntie), we all knew (and could clearly see) that he could do it.  It was a just a matter of time before he could see the ability for himself and muster the confidence to move forward.
The next day, after I arrived back to my home in Atlanta, my more-than-excited brother called and sent 101 videos of the lil’ tyke walking….not taking baby steps, but darn near jogging!
It was incredibly cool to watch.  What a difference a day makes!  I mean I just saw the little guy the night before and he was still crawling.
What does that mean?  Well, first it means that life will never be the same for his parents and grandparents!  They are going to need a GPS tracker and a fresh pair of running shoes!  But, life will never be the same for my nephew either. A whole new world has just opened up for him.
Whenever we stand up and finally take a major step…things change.
What does that mean for you?  Well, for starters I hope this story shows you what a difference a day can make in your life.  Too many people give up right before their breakthrough.
You’re closer to the next level, and the next phase of your life than you think.
I’ve been teaching about the importance of having a dream, but having one is not enough.  We all know Martin Luther King had an infamous dream, but he also moved on it. His dream still moves us today.
 If you are serious about living out your purpose (and I know that you are!), it’s time to TAKE THE FIRST STEP.
For this week’s “Simple Secret,” I challenge you to do four (4) things…
1) Change Your Self-Perception.  You have to begin to see and celebrate all of the possibilities and abilities that you possess.  Your opinion of your readiness is the one that either releases you to move forward, or it holds you back.
2) Surround Yourself with Positive Supporters.  Having people around you that support your dreams and goals will help you muster the courage to take the steps necessary to move forward.  You want people who are in your corner and rooting for your success.  (I’m always rooting for you by the way!)
3) Connect with a Coach.  Taking a big next step can feel frightening when you are entering new territory.  However, the process is far easier and far more productive if you have a trusted adviser, guide and mentor that can help you determine what steps to take and how to take them.
4) Choose Faith over Fear.
Operating in faith over fear is easier said than done, especially since faith…….

Marshawn Evans is a Global Mentor and Catalyst for Women looking to Launch Their Dreams and Live Their Purpose.  She equips others to AMPLIFY their lives, their leadership and their legacy by teaching the principles of influence, branding, and divine purpose.  Her weekly eZine goes out to thousands of subscribers. If you are ready to unleash the your brilliance and align with your REAL destiny, you can sign up for a FREE subscription at


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Lindsey Gray, a working woman and recent college grad talks about the trials,  tribulations, and supernatural blessings of being a daughter of the KING. Read on for an inspirational word and testimony about  how HE delivered her from her PIT, and can do the same for you…


I was always a happy child.  Growing up the daughter of a Pastor was great and I loved being at church and doing things for the Kingdom. Middle School through High School I was the “perfect” child, and it was easy-after all I couldn’t disappointment my parents. In High School if someone were smoking a cigarette at a party I would call and have my parents come and pick me up. I was “saved” and I didn’t want to be around all of that stuff.  Needless to say, I was a good kid.

Lindsey early on with her family

Senior year quickly came and went, so off to college I went. In the spring of 2006 I made the decision to attend Bennett College. I was absolutely certain that Bennett College was where I would spend the next few years off my life. Bennett had a totally different atmosphere then what I was used to because, for the most part, I live a sheltered life style. Upon entering Bennett I just knew I was going to remain the strong Christian young lady I had always been. Little did I know change was quickly around the corner. Freshman year was cool everything was good a few parities here and there but nothing serious. Sophomore year things got a little foggy. A few drinks here and there suddenly turned into drinking every weekend, then Wednesday through Sunday and you know the rest! So now it’s the end of Junior year, and I was in a deep dark hole that I didn’t even know existed. I found myself at rock bottom no confidence, looking for love in all the wrong places, and just never satisfied. I remember taking myself to church because I felt like I was on the verge of a nervous break down.

The Word was just for me that day. When it came time to give your heart to Christ I felt like it was time to rededicate myself, but pride kept me in my seat. THEN…that’s when it all changed. I remember hearing the Lord say “This is your last chance.”  I remember thinking “What do you mean God?”: and He spoke to my spirit, and said “Your already spiritually dead the only thing left is physical death, and this is your last chance. ”Before I knew it I was at that altar I don’t even remember getting out of my seat.

Lindsey Graduates from College

That day changed my life forever. You see, when you really repent and give your heart to Christ God will take you right back to the place you should have been if you never had sinned. It was a hard transition into finding myself again.

Lindsey with some of her college friends

I lost a lot of friends, or shall I say associates, and found myself on a lonely road. However, in the isolation and separation stage I was able to really establish a true relationship with God. I realized that even when I was in high school I was just living off my parent’s faith because when the real tests and trials came I failed. I had no real Word under my standing.

By the time I managed to get back on my feet, Senior year was amazing I got my fire back and was actively working in ministry. Everything was really great!

After graduation I knew I was going to find the perfect job in Greensboro and my life was going to be there forever I loved my church family and friends so I knew that is where God wanted me to be.  Two months after graduation God uprooted me from my comfort zone and sent me to Atlanta. At first I didn’t want to be in Atlanta because I missed everyone in North Carolina. I was also having a hard time finding a job.

So I just sat in the house for three months depressed and mad because things weren’t going the way I planned. So, in February I decided to get out of my feelings and just accept Gods will for my life. The very next month God blessed me with an amazing job, and doors just started opening out of nowhere.

Today I am working as a recruiting associate for a Physician recruitment firm and things are going extremely well. I also have the pleasure of helping out in ministry with an amazing Gospel Artist. GOD HAS TOTALLY BEGUN TO DO AN UNEXPLAINABLE WORK IN MY LIFE. Even in this very moment I have no clue how I got where I am right now!  You see, When we align ourselves with the Word of God and the Will of God for our lives His favor immediately takes over. In this life I have truly learned how to wait and be patient. It’s not easy living a Kingdom and Holy lifestyle but when you understand that you are a peculiar person who was born with a specific purpose and assignment you understand the importance of your life and the inheritance attached to it if you faint not!

Everyday I thank God that I didn’t die when I was living in my pit and I thank God that when He brought me out of the pit that He allowed me to take a quick look in it so I could see what He brought me out of which allowed me to see that I’m obviously here for a reason. I understand that I have a specific assignment and I won’t stop until it’s complete! Today, I declare: You too are on assignment and have a specific purpose and God wants you to understand the power that you have. The power of life and death is in your tongue. Every word out of your mouth is on assignment and is laying the foundation for your future.

I don’t know what you’re going through but I do know that if you decree and declare that everything will be all right it will bein Jesus name! Wake up every day with a spirit of expectation and watch your dreams become a reality! He loves us so much it doesn’t even matter what yesterday looks like today is a new day let go of the past and embrace your inheritance. The best isn’t yet to come the best is NOW embrace your greatness and walk in it!

Be blessed,

Lindsey Gray